Wealth Management Portfolios

Managed portfolios are designed to deliver a flexible and efficient means of investing and gaining exposure to different asset classes.

A managed portfolio is a notional portfolio of assets with a stated investment objective that will guide its management.  Your portfolio will be managed as far as practicable to reflect the managed portfolios you select.

Managed portfolios may provide:

  • transparency in terms of:
    • viewing the underlying assets in your Portfolio
    • tracking any changes made to your Portfolio
    • reviewing the performance of the underlying assets as well as your Portfolio as a whole
  • potential for more efficient management of your tax, by holding a beneficial interest in the assets in your Portfolio
  • oversight of your investment, as you have more information about the underlying assets, on-going management and performance of your Portfolio.

See Wealth Managed Portfolios PDS here.

Our Target Market Determinations (TMD) for each portfolio can be accessed here:

Diversified 30 Active Income Strategy

Diversified 50 Active Income Strategy

Diversified 70 Active Growth Strategy

Diversified 70 Active Income Strategy

Diversified 85 Active Growth Strategy

Diversified 100 Active Growth Strategy

Diversified Active Bond Strategy