Our process

Implement effective strategy in 5 key steps.

The first step we take is determining your past and present position – gathering all the facts and data.

We will then work to understand what you want to achieve. You should know where you stand today, what your financial behaviours are and what you hope them to achieve for you in the future.

  1. CONTEXT -We need to know what we are building and what we are building on.
  2. CAPTURE – We capture the complete value of your endeavours; depending on your age this can be your invested capital or your human capital value or a combination of both. It’s the contribution that you make or have made to your wealth through your income, earnings and personal endeavour
  3. REVIEW – We work with you to review your tax structure, your debt and financial obligations and your budget and structure them for efficiency to ensure nothing is wasted.
  4. FRAMEWORK -We provide a framework and process for planned success.
  5. STRATEGY – Once we know what you have and what we need to build, we implement a strategy and filter every single thing we can do to make you more efficient.

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