What does lie beneath?

There is a view that markets make wealth and that, in creating personal wealth, the markets do the work.
They don't. The foundation of your wealth is you.

About Us

“What the client really wants is a life outcome: more time with the family, more time to develop their careers, more money to enjoy both today and in retirement”.

We are different because we don’t just talk about your money, your financial issues or your investment opportunities. We are different because we talk about you.

At Varria we believe that when people understand the characteristics that define wealth, real wealth, they can see the path to personal happiness with wealth.

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Mike Smith 150 150 SSJuanito

Mike Smith

Introducing Mike Smith!

Genesys advisers raise $1 million for Children’s charity 150 150 SSJuanito

Genesys advisers raise $1 million for Children’s charity

Genesys Wealth Advisers has raised over $1 million for children’s charity Children First Foundation, with a recent surge in fundraising of $51,000 tipping the total raised by Genesys into seven figures since the first donation in 1999. Children First Foundation aids children from developing and war torn countries to have life changing surgery in Australia…