What does lie beneath?

There is a view that markets make wealth and that, in creating personal wealth, the markets do the work.
They don't. The foundation of your wealth is you.

About Us

“What the client really wants is a life outcome: more time with the family, more time to develop their careers, more money to enjoy both today and in retirement”.

We are different because we don’t just talk about your money, your financial issues or your investment opportunities. We are different because we talk about you.

At Varria we believe that when people understand the characteristics that define wealth, real wealth, they can see the path to personal happiness with wealth.

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Annual Investment Briefing 1536 901 Clare Sanderson

Annual Investment Briefing

Apart from COVID 19, I am quite sure 2020 will be remembered as a milestone in the technological revolution. We have all embraced technology that will allow us to connect face to face at a time where this is otherwise impossible in a physical sense. Amazing what happens when all other choices are removed! Our…

Insights – Australian Economic and Fiscal Update 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – Australian Economic and Fiscal Update

With private sector spending hit by coronavirus it makes sense for the Government to continue to help fill the breach and support the economy. The best approach to getting debt back down is to grow the economy aided by a reinvigorated economic reform agenda, but for a while yet government fiscal support will continue to…

Insights – 2019/20 saw poor returns but it could have been much worse 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – 2019/20 saw poor returns but it could have been much worse

The latest Insights article provides a great summary of the last financial year and attempts to look ahead at what will once again be a very interesting time both domestically and globally. I think many of us are suffering from what could be described as GCF – Generalised Crisis Fatigue – with none more so than our…

Cipher May 2020 1041 448 Clare Sanderson

Cipher May 2020

While the office is starting to slowly come back into it’s own we have, like many been working remotely during the pandemic crisis.  We thought we’d share with you a review of the team connecting while remotely working.  This quarters cipher newsletter looks at the changes in pension drawdowns and deeming rates, how the market…

Insights – The Lucky Country 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – The Lucky Country

This article made me glad to say that I do in fact live in The Lucky Country.  I definitely call myself an Australian after living here for well over half my life, my accent however may tell you otherwise.  This week Dr Shane Oliver looks at what we have ahead of us in our recovery…

Insights – The Magic Money Tree 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – The Magic Money Tree

Dr Shane Oliver gives his Insights into what’s happening with the massive fiscal stimulus that we are witnessing globally.  The Central bank is supporting the flow of money and credit so that it assists with the economic in-pack that we are seeing due to the Coronavirus.  But what happens as money is printed and how…

Insights – Signposts that we can watch for 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – Signposts that we can watch for

While the sharemarket has plunged by roughly 35% from the February high March saw the market rally from 15-20% but does this mean that we have hit the bottom of the bear market.  Only time will tell.  Dr Shane Oliver Provides us with his Insights on what to look for.

Coronavirus Q&A 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Coronavirus Q&A

Every active fund manager and equity research house that we use is working overtime to consider and act on measures to protect portfolios and add value. They are also in constant contact with us providing updates on their actions. If we all look calm on the surface, I promise you the little legs are kicking…

Update on Life Behind Closed Doors 1008 756 Clare Sanderson

Update on Life Behind Closed Doors

We closed the office to the public on Tuesday and most of the staff are now working from home.  Fortunately for our business this is minimally disruptive as our entire client and portfolio management framework is electronic with remote access. We have been conducting meetings over the phone, on Skype, Facetime and Microsoft Teams. The…