Wealth Portfolios – November 2021

Wealth Portfolios – November 2021

Wealth Portfolios – November 2021 791 578 Clare Sanderson

Welcome to the new Wealth Portfolio investment update.

For our managed portfolio clients, we aim to provide monthly communication from the Varria Investment Committee.

Attached is an economic update prepared by our asset consultant Brad Matthews which details recent market activity and our views on the short term. Also attached are monthly factsheets for each of the seven managed portfolios, which illustrate performance to end of October 2021. Finally we have included information from Mercers regarding our recent decision to pare back our Magellan holdings within the portfolios.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your adviser.

To access your Wealth Portfolio fact sheet select below:

Diversified 70 Active Growth

Diversified 85 Active Growth

Diversified 100 Active Growth

Diversified Active Bond

Diversified 30 Active Income

Diversified 50 Active Income

Diversified 70 Active Income

Portfolio change update: Magellan to Ironbark