Many people come to financial advisers with some level of predetermined idea about an issue or an opportunity that they have, whether it be about insurance, wealth, superannuation or retirement.

Quite often these ideas or opportunities are sound in isolation, however all good financial decisions are made in the context of your overall situation and goals.

At Varria we look beyond that surface motivation to the truth that lies beneath. 

Truth, but what truth?

The basis of the wealth.truth belief is that at Varria we have come to believe that some things in the arena of financial advice are truths worth recognising.

We can help you uncover –

  1. Truth on your current position
  2. Truth on your future contribution to wealth
  3. Truth on the market contribution to wealth
  4. Truth on the use of wealth in retirement
  5. Truth about your appetite for risk
  6. Truth that retirement is something that happens to everyone



Wealth is a journey, not a destination.