Decision and action

“What the client really wants is a life outcome: more time with the family, more time to develop their careers, more money to enjoy both today and in retirement”

  • We review your tax structure and build a strategy for absolute efficiency
  • We review your budget and work with you to ensure you maintain cash flow for today as well as tomorrow
  • We review your debt, how much you have, how much you are paying off and how much it costs
  • We review your insurance and seek efficiency in cost, cash flow (who pays for it) product and appropriateness to you specifically
  • We review/build your overall investment strategy to ensure it is balanced and working for you
  • We review your superannuation strategy to ensure you are getting the maximum level of benefit
  • We ensure your superannuation is invested all the time in the right manner to maximise the outcome. We also make sure that the investment selection itself is as good as it can be
  • We build a comprehensive estate plan that addresses all of your individual family circumstances and addresses any changes that may have been driven from our review of other areas in your financial plan
  • We collaborate with your other advisers, accountants and solicitors to ensure they are across your whole financial strategy

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