Coronavirus Q&A

Coronavirus Q&A

Coronavirus Q&A 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Every active fund manager and equity research house that we use is working overtime to consider and act on measures to protect portfolios and add value. They are also in constant contact with us providing updates on their actions. If we all look calm on the surface, I promise you the little legs are kicking away!

As I thought about this I realised that this is my first world problem. I am so very grateful that I can work and that the entire team is engaged and functioning remotely. The Zoom meeting puts everyone’s face on the screen and it feels like you are watching the opening credits to The Brady Bunch. For all of our complaints about the digital world, it really has come to the rescue as we isolate. I can’t tell you how many octogenarians I have spoken to this week on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Facetime.

Click here for the latest Insight article it’s a great summary of what is happening economically and may go some way to answering your questions about the latest government action and why it’s so important.

Reach out if you need us and get yourself a webcam if you can! We would love to see you.