Cancer Council’s March Charge

Cancer Council’s March Charge

Cancer Council’s March Charge 1080 1080 Clare Sanderson

I’m pleased to report that the Cancer Council March Charge is half way through and I’ve managed to keep up with my kilometer count.  60 kilometers down and another 60 to go – that’s intentional kilometers as I’m not counting my steps each day.  While consistency, I thought was the key, life has certainly got in the way so it’s been a week of catch up with my grandson being born a last week and making sure I’m in the office.

The shoes are well and truly bedded in, the dog has never walked so far and I had to send an SOS to the office so that everyone knew I had kept walking and forgotten about the time!  It has been truly humbling and overwhelming to the support  of such a good cause and I can’t thank you enough for your generous donations.

It’s not too late if you do want to donate – I have another 2 weeks to go and 60 kilometers.  Here’s the link and once again thank you!