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Coronavirus Q&A 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Coronavirus Q&A

Every active fund manager and equity research house that we use is working overtime to consider and act on measures to protect portfolios and add value. They are also in constant contact with us providing updates on their actions. If we all look calm on the surface, I promise you the little legs are kicking…

Update on Life Behind Closed Doors 1008 756 Clare Sanderson

Update on Life Behind Closed Doors

We closed the office to the public on Tuesday and most of the staff are now working from home.  Fortunately for our business this is minimally disruptive as our entire client and portfolio management framework is electronic with remote access. We have been conducting meetings over the phone, on Skype, Facetime and Microsoft Teams. The…

Insights – Five Charts on Investing to Keep in Mind 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – Five Charts on Investing to Keep in Mind

These five charts focus on critical aspects of investing that are insightful in times of market stress: the power of compound interest; don’t get blown off by cyclical swings; the roller coaster of investor emotion; the wall of worry; & market timing is hard.  Click here for our latest Insights

Insights – Coronavirus Update: What to Watch and What Should Investors Do 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – Coronavirus Update: What to Watch and What Should Investors Do

Key things for investors to bear in mind remain that: share market falls are normal; selling shares after a fall locks in a loss; share pullbacks provide opportunities; and to avoid getting thrown off a long-term strategy it’s best to turn down the noise during times like this.  Click here to access Dr Shane Oliver’s…

Insights – The Increasing Spread of Coronavirus 1631 584 Clare Sanderson

Insights – The Increasing Spread of Coronavirus

What we are seeing right now is a global contraction in earnings as a result of containment measures as a response to the Covid 19 virus outbreak.  Whilst this is disruptive to short term earnings, it does not indicate Armageddon. Please don’t mistake an aggressive price contraction as an indicator that pricing is going to…

Cipher February 2020 Newsetter 1627 908 Clare Sanderson

Cipher February 2020 Newsetter

This quarter cipher looks at getting our finances in order whether that’s spending now or saving for retirement.  It’s often about setting realistic goals in order to achieve.

February 2020 Market Update 1500 362 Clare Sanderson

February 2020 Market Update

Market update The table below provides details of the movement in average investment returns from various asset classes for the period up to 31 January 2020. Asset class (% change) 1 month 3 months 1 year 3 years (% pa) Australian shares 5.0 6.1 24.7 12.4 Smaller companies 3.4 4.7 18.8 12.1 International shares (unhedged) 4.3…

Cipher August 2018 Newsletter 1590 913 Clare Sanderson

Cipher August 2018 Newsletter

Australians are prioritising their goals and also looking at lessons learned from the blue zone for a long life.  One interesting question we are asked is should we lend money to family?  Cipher discusses these topics in it’s August edition.

Cipher February 2019 Newsletter 1624 910 Clare Sanderson

Cipher February 2019 Newsletter

Our latest release of Cipher provides a market update including the macro investment outlook and what ethical investing really means.

Cipher May 2019 Newsletter 1592 906 Clare Sanderson

Cipher May 2019 Newsletter

Our latest edition of Cipher has just been released.  We had the pleasure of assisting one of our clients with some fundraising.  Cipher this quarter also discusses retirement, contributing to your partners superannuation and getting ready for tax time.

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