Alex Lukashenok

Alex Lukashenok

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“Alex’s technical capability and attention to detail are unrivalled. He has a passion for uncovering opportunities and ensuring they are appropriate for his clients.”

Alex has over twelve years experience in the financial planning industry, and is presently working as a Financial Planner in our Toowoomba office. Alex specialises in strategic planning with a particular interest in the area of superannuation and retirement planning. He especially enjoys working through less common cases that involve a thorough knowledge of the rules that are not often used.

Alex holds various degrees in Business, Commerce and Engineering and has been involved in teaching Financial Planning at the tertiary level over the last six years. He has recently completed a research paper on the future direction of the financial planning industry that was presented at the Asian Finance Association Conference in Brisbane in 2009.

Alex is a member of the Financial Planning Academics Forum (FPAF) that aims to foster communication, research collaboration and industry-academe cooperation in the area of personal financial planning.